Project Management

  1. Value Engineering:
    EMC extensively uses their construction experience contingently with subcontractor input to provide the owner and/or architect with voluntary value engineering for cost and budget consideration.
  2. Quality Assurance:
    EMC places the accountability for quality on the Project Manager and Superintendent relating to subcontractor quality performance and work performed by our own personnel.
  3. Subcontractor Prequalifications:
    EMC qualifies subcontractors in several ways.  During the bidding, EMC has direct access to Dun and Bradstreet reporting services.  Annual reports are reviewed of major subcontractors as for an unfamiliar subcontractor.  Additionally, EMC has built a large database of subcontractors by specification division and updates this list frequently.  Subcontractors are required to provide a breakdown of labor and materials for the purpose of monitoring payment history.
  4. Subcontractor Management:
    EMC has a very comprehensive subcontractor policy and procedures manual which includes, but is not limited to:
    1.  Subcontract Agreements
    2.  Stipulations of Agreement
    3.  Scope of Work
    4.  Subcontractor and Supplier Payment Policy
    5.  Sworn Statement and Lien Waiver Requirements
    6.  Insurance Requirements--all lines
    Each of the above agreements and policies have been acknowledged by signature of the subcontractor on a copy which is kept at the EMC office.  EMC also provides a construction scheduler prior to the commencement of the project.  This schedule is strictly adhered to by the subcontractors as a part of their agreement.
  5. Shop Drawings:
    Shop drawings are primarily submitted through the project manager to the respective parties for timely turn-around to avoid delay of the project..
  6. Contract Change Order:
    The project manager is responsible for preparing change orders in a timely manner showing the entire breakdown of labor, materials and equipment involved in said change order.  The change order work; however, may not always be possible in order to keep the project on schedule.
  7. Auditing of Subcontractors Pricing of Change Orders:
    EMC requires subcontractors to provide a complete breakdown of labor, materials, and equipment required for a change order.  The change order will be reviewed by the EMC Project Manager prior to submittal to the owner for accuracy and fair pricing.   This is checked through our own database and estimating department.
  8. Subcontractor Payments:
    EMC has a strict supplier and Subcontractor payment policy which is acknowledged by signature.  This policy provides a subcontractor Application for Payment Forms AIA G703 Continuation Sheet for Schedule of Values - Sworn Statement from the Subcontractor - Partial Release of Liens Forms - Final Release of Liens Forms - Joint Check Agreement Between Contractors and Subcontractors, if contractor deems it necessary to make direct payment to a vendor or supplier of the subcontractor.  Upon receipt of invoice, the Project Manager will determine if value of work in place is requested on a pay request is valid.  The owners representative will also determine the same.
  9. Claims:
    If lien claims are filed, EMC will notify the owner as to any validity of the claims for immediate resolution.  If a claim must be determined by arbitration or the courts, the lien can be bonded over until settled.  The owner and the architect shall be named as additional insured on the Workman's Compensation and General Liability Policies provided by EMC.
  10. Planning and Scheduling:
    EMC has the in-house capability to provide critical path and bar chart schedules which are made part of the subcontract agreement.  These schedules are monitored for adherence at the weekly meeting of the Project Manager and subcontractors.
  11. Construction Claims:
    EMC has never had any construction claims in the history of the company.  A large claim requires immediate attention.  Claims must be considered for their validity and handled through the proper means.  It is our specific intent to reach a mutual settlement of any claim which is fair and equitable to all.  Our last resort of settling a claim would be through the courts.
  12. Project Close Out:
    EMC does their own "punch list," prior to the owners punch list, as part of the quality control to minimize disruption to the owner after move-in.   Project Operation Manuals, Warranties, and As-Built Drawings shall be provided to the owner upon completion.
  13. EMC Percentage of Work Sources:
    a.  Repeat Business--50%
    b.  New Business--50%

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